Resume Checking

Resume Gold Mine resume checking utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) to digitally optimize your resume. This is the same AI software used on multiple job boards and applicant tracking software.

Resume Gold Mine optimizes your resume to rank the best it can.

It’s all about layouts that machines can read easily, and the content in each section.

Many common and unique formats often confuse job board software. This gets your resume rejected before human eyes ever see your resume. All that wasted time and effort is frustrating.

Resume Gold Mine identifies, prompts, and guides you step-by-step to fix each section. Once you have digitally optimized your resume, match your resume to targeted jobs to rank higher.

Job Matching

Resume Gold Mine Job Matching leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) software to provide the weighted score many job boards and websites use to rank your resume. It’s a sneak peek into how your resume is ranked and insight into what you can do to raise your rank.

When you apply for a job online applicant tracking systems match all resumes and eliminate low scoring resumes from further consideration. Don’t let this happen to you.

With job matching, upload any job from a job site or job description in a word document and compare your resume and see how you rank.

Resume Gold Mine shows the key skills, experience, and management requirements for any job. If you have those items identified then add it to your resume to rank better.

After you see your score and analysis, revise your resume and run the job match again to see if your score increased: You may have overlooked including certain skills in your resume and you can use the job match to prompt you to revise your resume with added skills to improve your ranking and enhance your chance of getting to the next stage in the process.

It is a good idea to keep slightly different versions of your resume if you want to apply for several different jobs.

Of course, you should only include skills and experience in your resume that you can demonstrate in an interview and on the job when you are successful.

Then submit your resume to the job and await the potential call!