3 out of 4 resumes get rejected for jobs automatically.

Employers and recruiters get bombarded with resumes every day.

Employers have a choice – pay someone to read every resume, or buy software to find the good candidates and reject the others. You guessed it they all buy the software!

No one ever reads your resume until it gets past the resume parsing machine.

If a machine can’t understand your resume it will be rejected, and never seen by a person.

Use Resume Gold Mine to digitally optimize your resume using Artificial Intelligence. Reduce your rejections and improve your ranking in job searches.

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Client Testimonials

Thank you, thank you, thank you! My wife had been struggling to find work for six months and we tuned her resume to some jobs she was applying for with resume checks and job matches. She got shortlisted for two jobs last week and is really excited. Much appreciated.

I thought my resume looked great until I did a resume check. I followed all of the suggestions for content and format, especially with my employment history. I did three job matches and I am really happy with the results – I can see I rank much better now.

I submitted my resume for over 100 jobs when I moved towns and never got a single callback. After I checked and fixed my resume, I used the job match for three different advertisements and updated my resume again. I reposted it on LinkedIn and I got three interviews in two weeks! Better still I got an amazing job as a project manager.

Your job matching functionality really showed me what was missing in my resume. Once I updated my resume to include my missing skills and experience, I started getting interviews. Thank you very much.

This is amazing. I have a brother that is hunting for work right now and I think this will be perfect for him.